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Every creation is a work of art. The animals are painted on canvas by the truly gifted artist, Dede Lifgren. Each animal is painstakingly reproduced, making sure that all of the original color and detail is enhanced through our state of the art printing process. Each sticker is carefully cut out to create a delightful image on your walls, appearing to be painted right in your room. Our products are unique, as one of our customers relates:

"I recently purchased a bunch of your dinosaur stickers for my son's room. I must say that I am thrilled with them. We let him choose his room theme and he chose dinosaurs. Well, when I went to look for a way to do this I found many cartoon style dinosaurs but that was about it. Some of these were cute but that just wasn't what I wanted. I wanted something that would last many years...that he could grow with. But of course with dinosaurs one must also be careful not to have them be scary. Then I found your site through a search engine. It was just what I was looking for. Life-like dinosaurs that were designed with kids in mind. His room looks great and everyone who has seen it absolutely loves it. I am getting some pictures together and will send them to you in the near future so you can see how well it turned out."
Thank you so much!
Tamara Long

We have many customer photos on Facebook. Search for "Walls of the Wild" at facebook.com

Hi! I wanted to send you some pictures of my son's room that we decorated with the dinosaur wallpaper stickers from your site. He is a dinosaur FANATIC and when we moved to our new house, he decided he wanted a dinosaur room. We searched everywhere for just the right inspiration pieces. I had hired an artist to paint a mural in his bedroom at our last house and the cost was over $1000! We couldn't afford that expense this time and his room is much larger. Needless to say, I was thrilled when we found your site! The dinosaurs are just the right mix of friendly and realistic. They are so professional looking and really were extremely easy to apply. Aidan LOVES his room and is proud to show everyone who comes here. We were able to do the entire room for less than $300 and it looks like it was professionally done. You have a great product at a great price! I have already recommended you to several of my friends.
Jody England

I am sending you some pictures of my daughter Erin's room, which she loves. Erin wanted a jungle room but it was really hard to find jungle paper, borders, etc . that were not too childish. I ran across your website and loved what I saw! As you can see in the pictures, I painted a blue sky with stenciled clouds, stenciled some jungle leaves and grass around the animal stickers, and went to Walmart and purchased the ivy, which is all the way around the room at the ceiling and draped down all over for more of a jungle effect. Since the pictures, we have added a huge stuffed alligator coming out from under the bed. Looks great. Thanks so much for the great product and the great room! Everyone that sees Erin's room loves it!!.
Thanks again,

We are so thrilled with our new "Walls of the Wild" stickers that I had to write and tell you about it!

My husband and I recently decided that our four-year-old son was ready to graduate from his toddler bed and Winnie the Pooh bedroom to a twin-sized bed and a theme that would last through his elementary school years. After discussing it, our son decided that he would like his room to be a jungle.

At first, I tried to find jungle bedding - but everything looked like it belonged in either a baby's nursery or an adult's room in which the theme had been taken "over the top". So, I figured I was going to have to settle for solid-colored bedding and decorate with one of those huge wallpaper mural borders that are about three feet tall. I discovered that they are significantly more expensive than traditional wallpaper borders and I really wasn't looking forward to the hassle and mess of hanging wallpaper - especially since we planned to transform our son's room in 24 hours while he was visiting his grandmother. That's when I discovered "Walls of the Wild" on the Internet.

We purchased the giraffe, zebra, elephant and tree and couldn't be more pleased with the results. We had all four stickers on the wall in just minutes with absolutely no mess and no hassle - just peel and stick! The hardest part was waiting until "Redecorating Day" to put them up. In fact, we were so excited that all visitors to our home during those weeks were secreted to the basement to see the jungle stickers before we put them up! To complete the transformation, we added a green rug and comforter, a cornice and bed skirt in jungle print fabric, a new "leafy" paint job on the dresser drawers, an elephant lamp, a couple of plants and several realistic stuffed animals.

While it was a wonderful feeling to accomplish so much in so little time, the best part of all was the look on our son's face when he first saw his new jungle. He was quite simply blown away. After about five minutes of taking it all in, I asked him, "Is it great or good or just OK?" My son wrapped his arms around my neck and replied, "Mommy, it's gorgeous!" That's not the word I would have expected my four-year-old to use, but it is certainly the most accurate way to describe his new room.

Some people might assume that your life-size jungle animals are too big for a small bedroom, but that's not the case. Our four large stickers fit perfectly in our son's 8x11 bedroom. In fact, we're thinking of adding a baby orangutan, a macaw and maybe even a capuchin to some empty walls spaces and on the closet doors.

Thanks so much for your wonderful products!

Sandi and Parker (below) Wallace

I wanted to create a Noah's Ark room for my two-year-old son, Caleb. I didn't doubt that I could paint some hills, plants and trees. I figured I could even project an ark and a rainbow on the wall and paint that. I knew, however, that I couldn't paint the life-like animals I wanted to adorn the walls. I discovered your website and ordered several animals. They look great. They are so beautiful and life-like. Everyone who visits our home is amazed at the quality. Plus, they were easy to put up. Once the room was finished, I had a local artist take a look at it. She assured me that she would charge a lot more to paint that lion than I paid for it. Caleb loves his room and has learned the names of the animals and their sounds. Thanks for a great product. Robin Prado

This installation is at the Palm Springs Public Library, in California. The Youth Services Coordinator, Nancy Fritzal, wanted to decorate the childrens section in an animal theme. She used our stickers in a very creative way. The flowers and vines are enlarged clip art she had laminated and cut out. Great idea!

Vicki Cerveny in Utah did a great job in her boys room. She used a border and cut it out around the animals.The chimp resting on the bed is terrific!

Stacey Wurtz created a fabulous jungle in her new sons room in Colorado. Nathan is the lucky baby enjoying his own zoo!

Samuel Nussbaum is very pleased with his bedroom in Florida!

Wanda Tuff created a jungle in her son Brendan's room in Canada!

Dawn Bryan by Design did the installations and background art below. She has been painting custom interiors and furniture for 15 years.She is based in Santa Rosa, California and can be reached at 707-888-0096, email Duskdare@cs.com and website http://www.PainterlyAesthetic.com

Tracy Urquhart in Canada created this really special bedroom for her child.

The following is from an e-mail we got from Singapore:
"I am from Singapore and sometime in November thereabouts I bought a number of your fabulous stickers for our new home. I painted the mural of the tree and mountains and stuck the animals on the wall. This bedroom has been photographed by a well known and reputable interior magazine called HOME AND DECOR and will be carried in their magazine for three features. One feature will be on my home and its interior, the second will be for a feature on kids bedrooms and the third will be in a parents magazine called YOUNG PARENTS. Just to let you know the degree of success I've had using your stickers. It has given me lots of publicity! Hope you can use the scanned picture files for your website to let your customers know your stickers have gone as far as Singapore! Thanks for a great idea which gave me lots of fun and inspiration. The mural was done by the whole family. As you can see my husband has put up a shelf and hooks on the tree for the kids to hang their favorite mementoes and books."