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  • Adheres to almost any smooth surface such as metal, wood, glass, cardboard, paper, plastic etc.
  • Stickers can adhere to slightly rough surfaces like lightly textured walls (see below)
  • To apply, simply remove the backing and stick it on!
  • Product includes simple application instructions. Only apply the sticker to a clean and dry surface. The stickers are waterproof, but will be damaged by abrasion or solvents. They can be used in the shower or outdoors. They can be used on a vehicle, but there is no guarantee for this application. If being used on a vehicle, they should be coated with a clear, waterbased coating. Please do not place a sticker within reach of a young child's crib or bed.

    Lay sticker face down and pull the liner off the sticker part way- about 8 inches. Fold the liner back on itself so the exposed back of the sticker can be applied to the wall. Remove entire backing on small stickers. Be careful not to bend or kink the sticker. Do not allow the adhesive on the back of the sticker to contact any other area on the back of the sticker! Stickers may stretch or tear if you try to remove the backing too quickly. After backing is removed, press exposed sticker to surface. Slowly pull the backing off the sticker and push the sticker on the wall as you pull the backing. Finish by softly rubbing the entire sticker with a soft cloth, making sure to include all edges. If, after completion, you are unhappy with the positioning, simply remove and stick again. If the sticker does not stick well or curls at the edges, follow the instructions below. If there are air bubbles, take a pin and poke a hole through the bubble and press. If you find the sticker pulls off the paint, you can release the sticker by squirting Goo Gone or Ronsonol lighter fluid on the wall above the sticker. The fluid will run down the wall and soften the adhesive. The fluid will evaporate off the wall in a few minutes. Once the sticker is off, lay it face down for a few minutes and let the lighter fluid evaporate. You can then re-apply the sticker.

    The stickers work best on flat walls with clean, dry flat paint. They will work on other surfaces with varying degrees of success. When you get your order, try a small sticker. If it doesn't stick well, there is a product that can be used to increase the adhesion. This product creates a stronger bond. You can get it at Staples or other office supply stores. It is made by 3M and it is called Super77. Put the sticker on the wall. Spray some adhesive into a paper cup. Using a small 1/2 brush, lift the edge of the sticker off the wall and paint the adhesive on the back of the sticker. Push the edge back on the wall. The sticker will stick within a few minutes as the adhesive dries. Be careful not to get Super77 on the face of the sticker. Goo Gone or Ronsonol lighter fluid can be used to clean excess glue, but may damage the sticker. If the walls are very glossy, you can try using Hi-Strength 90 by 3M.

    Use soapy water and a soft towel. Please do not use abrasives or harsh cleaners or solvents.

    We take pride in our products. In the event that a product is defective in material or workmanship, liability is limited to the replacement of the same product.

    We will accept returns for a full refund less shipping costs if the items are returned undamaged.Just ship them back to us. Returns must be made within 30 days of receipt.

    We can ship almost anywhere in the world. Email us for shipping costs to your country. All prices in US dollars.